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Member Benefits To The Saskatoon Wildlife Federation

Since 1931 the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation has provided the Saskatoon area a great venue to share fellowship and the odd story to like minded individuals who enjoy the outdoors and the benefits of shooting sports.

To that end, in celebration of 90 years, we are providing the following benefits to our members:

Member discounts to Federation Events

  • Sports and Leisure Show

  • Wild Game Dinner (Early Bird)

  • Measuring Day (no charge)

  • Fall Supper

  • AGM

  • Summer Camp

Special Members Days

  • Industry Day at the Outdoor Range

  • Teach a kid to fish day

  • Industry Day at the Archery Range

  • Wild Game Preparation

Retail Discounts

  • Save 10% on every purchase at participating Mark's locations across Canada.

Automatic membership with the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA)

  • $5,000,000 Insurance coverage for any shooting related incidents.

  • Monthly newsletters.

  • Supporting initiatives that preserve our firearm heritage.

Other Benefits

  • Member only mentored hunts.

  • Member only firearm training.

The benefit of becoming a member is knowing that you are a part of an organization that puts community first and is a part of the growth of our community. This would not be possible without a strong membership base.

Join us today!

Family - Monthly  or  Yearly
Individual - Monthly  or  Yearly
No Range Access (Membership Only) - Family
No Range Access (Membership Only) - Individual

Range Fees and Membership

Memberships are valid for one year from date of purchase.  Renewals can be processed in-person, online or over the phone.

Annual Membership

Annual payment pricing for NEW range memberships.

Single Annually
Outdoor $305
Indoor $355
Indoor/Outdoor $485
Family Annually
Outdoor $330
Indoor $380
Indoor/Outdoor $510

Annual Membership - Monthly Payments

Monthly payment options for NEW range memberships.

Single Initial Monthly (11 months)
Outdoor $192.92 $12.92
Indoor $197.08 $17.04
Indoor/Outdoor $207.92 $32.09
Family Initial Monthly (11 months)
Outdoor $217.92 $12.92
Indoor $222.08 $17.04
Indoor/Outdoor $232.92 $32.09

Fee Breakdown

Your membership with the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation is broken out into the following components:

Base Membership Pricing Yearly
Youth $50
Adult $100
Family $125
Range Access Pricing Yearly
Indoor (View Range) $205
Outdoor (View Range) $155
Silhouette $155
Indoor Archery/Air Rifle $205
Outdoor Archery $75
Miscellaneous Fees Information
Activation Fee $50
Monthly Membership
Admin Fee *
$30 per year

Discounts Information
Multi-Range Membership $25 per range

* If you choose to pay your annual membership in monthly installments, the base membership and administrative fee are paid upfront in addition to your first payment.


Guest Passes


As of May 12th, 2023 the Executive Board has decided to resume guest pass sales with the following conditions:

  • Guest passes will be $25 each.
  • Range members will be able to purchase 5 additional passes per year on top of the complimentary passes that are given with range memberships. The year is measured by the 365 days of your valid membership.
  • Guest passes will be sold in the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation admin office during office hours. (Monday to Friday from 9AM to 5PM)
  • Members will still receive 5 complimentary guest passes with a membership to one range and 8 complimentary guest passes with a membership to two or more ranges.


We recommend any member that brings the same guest more than once, to encourage that guest to sign up for a base membership with the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation. Base memberships are $100+tax for an individual or $125+tax for a family (primary member, spouse, dependents under 18). A base membership allows the member to attend any of the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation ranges with a range member, without needing to use a guest pass. A base member will also receive $5,000,000 liability insurance through the Canadian Shooting Sports Association and all the other benefits that come with being a member of the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation.


If you are planning to take a guest to the range, please familiarize yourself with the guest pass rules:

  • Guest passes must be filled out completely and signed before entering the facility.
  • Your guest must always have the guest pass on their person while at the facility.
  • Guest passes are a one-time use and must be deposited in the collection box at the end of the session.
  • Guest passes are assigned to a member and are non-transferable.
  • Members are limited to 2 guests per session.
  • Guests must be under the direct supervision of the range member at all times while at the facility.
  • If requested by a Range Officer, your guest pass must be presented. Failure to produce a completely filled out and signed guest pass could result in a fine and suspension of range privileges.
  • Misuse of guest passes will result in a fine and suspension of range privileges pending board review.

Outdoor Range Profile

Note - There is no office at the outdoor range

Range Meters Profile
4, 5, 6 40
  • .22LR - .223 REM
  • 7.62x39 (SKS)
  • ALL handgun
  • Shotgun - slugs only
No magnum rifle calibers
8 50
  • .22LR - .308 WIN
  • 30-06
  • 7.62x39 (SKS)
  • ALL handgun
  • Shotgun - slugs only
No magnum rifle calibers
7 50
  • .22LR - .308 WIN
  • 30-06
  • 7.62x39 (SKS)
  • ALL handgun
  • Shotgun - slugs only
No magnum rifle calibers
1 & 2 100
  • .22LR - .338 Lapua
  • Shotgun - slugs only
Magnum calibers okay
No handguns
3 200
  • .22LR - .338 Lapua
  • Shotgun - slugs only
Magnum calibers okay
No handguns
9 --- No public access

Range Exams

Knowledge exams must be completed and passed to 100% before a membership card can be issued.

Terms and Conditions

  • All membership applications are subject to approval.  Once applications are approved, new memberships will be processed and an email notice will be sent to arrange pick up or mail out.

  • Memberships are a 12-month commitment with a monthly payment option - VISA or Mastercard.

  • Membership are valid one year from purchase date.

  • Family Memberships

    • Immediate family only - Primary + spouse + children under 18.

  • Cards are required if you are a new member or no longer have your original access card.

    • Existing cards are re-activated upon renewal.

  • A photo is required for the primary member only and ID cards are issued for family members.

  • For past range members that have let their range membership lapse for 60 days, or more, there will be a $50 reactivation fee in order to begin using the facilities again. For members who renew before the 60 days, there will be no fee charged.

Membership fees include insurance by The Canadian Shooting Sports Association.

** Processing of all memberships will take 5 - 7 business days.  Once processed, a notification email will be sent confirming membership activation. **

For clarification on firearm or ammunition usage, call our office.

(306) 242-1666

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