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We are off and running on yet another busy year at the Saskatoon Wildlife
Federation. The General meeting is over - elections complete, and
another very successful Wild Game Dinner is behind us. Thank-you to
everyone that came out and supported the dinner on Friday January 31st, and
a special thanks to the volunteers who made the event a success.
It is a very busy spring for the club ..........the Provincial Convention in
Moose Jaw (Feb 13/14/15), and the Sports and Leisure Show (March
6/7/8/9) will keep us all active. Not to mention the Award's Night on
Tuesday Feb 11th. Check out the website for a complete calendar of events and
opportunities to help out.

With Brad Ashdown now holding the Executive Director's position within our
club it gave us the opportunity to expand and grow our "Strategic Planning"
committee, and we are very pleased to have Bob Freberg join, and chair this
committee. Bob brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this very
important role as the North Commuter Bridge changes the future of our
organization. The committee, and your executive are working hard to keep
the club moving forward. We appreciate your feedback and assistance during
this time.

I have also been given the opportunity to represent Region 5 at the
Provincial Level of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation - so if you have
any comments or opinions for the Provincial body please feel free to email,
call or stop by and say HI at any of our events.

Glen Ungar
Saskatoon Wildlife Federation

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the club business and issues please feel free to contact one of the Board of Directors.

Glen Ungar - President -
Jack Pekush - Past President -
Howard Closson - 1st Vice President -
Blair Torgerson - 2nd Vice President -
Michael Kincade - 3rd Vice President -
Brian Graves - Treasurer -

Bob Rogers - Habitat Chairman -
Gordon Kincade - Trophy Chairman -
Glen Ungar - Region 5 Rep -
Al Leggott - Range Chairman -
Darin Sather - Member at Large -
Bob Freberg - SRRC -
Scott Gordon - Archery Rep -
Sherry Ruddick - Junior Rep -
Alfred Hovdestad - Hunter Safety -