Spring general member’s meeting and fish fry, Tuesday, May 12th.


Attention all Saskatoon Wildlife Federation Members! The spring general member’s meeting and fish fry is coming up on Tuesday May 12th, at the clubhouse north on Central Ave. Come and see the trout get introduced to their new...[more]

23rd Annual Ladies Dinner and Auction


Friday, May 8, 2015

City's approval means new hope for the SWF


Yesterday was a great day for the SWF!  Prior to the meeting last night we found out that the city has accepted the proposal to keep the SWF clubhouse, indoor ranges and trout pond.  We will be moving the large and...[more]

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If you have any questions or concerns about any of the club business and issues please feel free to contact one of the Board of Directors.

Robert Freberg -  President - robertfrebergREMOVE_THIS@sasktelREMOVE_THIS.net
Glen Ungar - Past President - ragnuREMOVE_THIS@shawREMOVE_THIS.cajack.jeanREMOVE_THIS@sasktelREMOVE_THIS.net
Al Leggott - 1st Vice President -  big-alREMOVE_THIS@shawREMOVE_THIS.catoad77REMOVE_THIS@sasktelREMOVE_THIS.net
Michael Kincade - 2nd Vice President - michaelkincadeREMOVE_THIS@sasktelREMOVE_THIS.net thetorgersonsREMOVE_THIS@sasktelREMOVE_THIS.net
Howard Closson - 3rd Vice President - toad77REMOVE_THIS@sasktelREMOVE_THIS.net
Brian Graves - Treasurer - bdgravesREMOVE_THIS@shawREMOVE_THIS.ca

Bob Rogers - Habitat Chairman - swildREMOVE_THIS@sasktelREMOVE_THIS.net
Gordon Kincade - Trophy Chairman - g.kincadeREMOVE_THIS@sasktelREMOVE_THIS.net
Glen Ungar - Region 5 Rep - ragnuREMOVE_THIS@shawREMOVE_THIS.capkturREMOVE_THIS@sasktelREMOVE_THIS.net
Al Leggott - Range Chairman - big-alREMOVE_THIS@shawREMOVE_THIS.ca
Darin Sather - Member at Large - darin.sREMOVE_THIS@sasktelREMOVE_THIS.net  presidentREMOVE_THIS@srrclubREMOVE_THIS.net
Sherry Ruddick - Junior Rep - theruddicksREMOVE_THIS@sasktelREMOVE_THIS.net
Alfred Hovdestad - Hunter Safety - Alfred.hovdestadREMOVE_THIS@usaskREMOVE_THIS.ca

Saskatoon Wildlife Federation is a not for profit organization dedicated to supporting wildlife conservation and habitat preservation in Saskatchewan since 1931. With over 1800 members we are the largest chapter of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation.