June 16th and June 17th


On Monday and Tuesday, both the outdoor large bore range and small bore range will be closed from 6:00pm until the following morning. We apologize for an inconvenience this may cause you. [more]



Great Things Are Happening! With another successful Sports and Leisure Show behind us we now launch into a busy spring and summer. - The on-going issue of the City encroaching on our property is still occupying a substantial...[more]

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the club business and issues please feel free to contact one of the Board of Directors.

Glen Ungar - President - ragnuREMOVE_THIS@shawREMOVE_THIS.ca
Jack Pekush - Past President - jack.jeanREMOVE_THIS@sasktelREMOVE_THIS.net
Howard Closson - 1st Vice President - toad77REMOVE_THIS@sasktelREMOVE_THIS.net
Blair Torgerson - 2nd Vice President - thetorgersonsREMOVE_THIS@sasktelREMOVE_THIS.net
Michael Kincade - 3rd Vice President - michaelkincadeREMOVE_THIS@sasktelREMOVE_THIS.net
Brian Graves - Treasurer - bdgravesREMOVE_THIS@shawREMOVE_THIS.ca

Bob Rogers - Habitat Chairman - swildREMOVE_THIS@sasktelREMOVE_THIS.net
Gordon Kincade - Trophy Chairman - g.kincadeREMOVE_THIS@sasktelREMOVE_THIS.net
Glen Ungar - Region 5 Rep - ragnuREMOVE_THIS@shawREMOVE_THIS.capkturREMOVE_THIS@sasktelREMOVE_THIS.net
Al Leggott - Range Chairman - big-alREMOVE_THIS@shawREMOVE_THIS.ca
Darin Sather - Member at Large - darin.sREMOVE_THIS@sasktelREMOVE_THIS.net
Bob Freberg - SRRC - presidentREMOVE_THIS@srrclubREMOVE_THIS.net
Scott Gordon - Archery Rep - scottREMOVE_THIS@saskatoonarcheryREMOVE_THIS.com
Sherry Ruddick - Junior Rep - theruddicksREMOVE_THIS@sasktelREMOVE_THIS.net
Alfred Hovdestad - Hunter Safety - Alfred.hovdestadREMOVE_THIS@usaskREMOVE_THIS.ca

Saskatoon Wildlife Federation is a not for profit organization dedicated to supporting wildlife conservation and habitat preservation in Saskatchewan since 1931. With over 1800 members we are the largest chapter of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation.